WWE Introduces Digital Donruss Elite Cards on Panini Blockchain


  • Panini and WWE collaborate on a groundbreaking series of digital trading cards.
  • Fans can experience the excitement of virtual pack openings to discover limited-edition digital assets.
  • The partnership signifies a significant advancement in the world of digital collectibles in sports entertainment.

Panini, the renowned Italian trading card and collectibles firm, has announced a strategic collaboration with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to introduce a novel series of digital trading cards. This venture brings 100 iconic WWE Superstars to the forefront through the digital Donruss Elite card set on the Panini Blockchain. The selection boasts celebrated names such as John Cena, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Roman Reigns, among others, promising an engaging experience for fans and collectors alike.

This digital initiative offers enthusiasts the thrill of virtually opening packs to uncover limited-edition digital assets. Additionally, it opens avenues for collector events and contests that further enrich the collecting experience. Participants can win exclusive cards unavailable in packs, alongside digital crafting events that transform standard cards into unique, numbered collectibles.

The foray into digital collectibles is not a new endeavor for WWE. Previous years saw the launch of NFTs featuring John Cena, which, despite high expectations, did not perform as anticipated. Nevertheless, the wrestling world’s engagement with NFTs and digital collectibles has only grown, with WWE’s competitors also entering the arena with digital offerings.

Despite the lukewarm response to previous digital collectibles, WWE and Panini are optimistic about the potential success of the Donruss Elite blockchain cards. Jason Howarth, Panini’s senior vice president of marketing and athlete relations, highlighted the synergy between WWE’s enthusiastic fan base and the expectations of the blockchain collectible community.

The announcement marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital collectibles within the wrestling entertainment sphere. It reflects an ongoing trend towards digitalization in sports entertainment collectibles. As WWE and Panini navigate this digital landscape, the success of the Donruss Elite blockchain cards could set a new benchmark for digital collectibles in the entertainment industry.