WWE Declares Moonsault NFT Marketplace

The official Moonsault NFT website is online, albeit you can’t buy NFT from it just yet. Instead, you can sign up for email updates on Moonsault NFT’s impending release. There is no word on when or where this launch will take place.

However, a “Terms of Service” section on the website are as follows:

Your Authorised Rights (“Licensed Rights” or “License”). You realize and accept that the Licensed NFTs are made available purely for amusement as collectors. Without limiting the above and subject to your continued compliance with this Agreement, BCL provides you with a perpetual license to those mentioned above for as long as you hold them. A royalty-free, worldwide, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable (except as expressly provided below in Section 3(b) license to use, copy, and display the Art for any Licensed NFTs solely for the following purposes: first, for your non-commercial use; second, as part of a marketplace that allows the purchase and selling of your Licensed NFTs, provided that the market cryptographically verifies each Licensed NFT owner’s permission to show the associated Art to ensure that only the actual owner can display the Art; third, as part of a third-party website or application that allows your Licensed NFT to be included, involved, or participated in, provided that the website/application cryptographically verifies each Licensed NFT owner’s rights to display the associated Art to ensure that only the actual owner can show the Art.

The License only applies to Art that is currently connected with each Licensed NFT, and such BCL may edit or modify such Art following Section 1.

Other noteworthy parts of the Moonsault NFT release include that after the Moonsault NFT was disclosed on social media, WWE fans’ reactions have been nearly all negative.

 Fan’s responded to the announcement with amusing WWE-related facepalm graphics and GIFs, which may amuse yourself with over the Moonsault NFT Twitter thread.

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