Google Cloud Unveils New Web3 Portal Aimed at Blockchain Developers


  • Google Cloud launches a dedicated Web3 portal providing resources for blockchain developers.
  • The platform includes tutorials, tools for testnet tokens, and security insights through multi-party computation.
  • Despite criticism for lacking Bitcoin support, the portal enhances Google’s role in advancing blockchain technology.

Google Cloud has introduced a new Web3 portal designed specifically for blockchain developers. This initiative offers tools and resources aimed at supporting the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized applications (DApps). Google’s move reflects the increasing adoption of blockchain technologies beyond the traditional cryptocurrency uses, addressing the burgeoning demand for innovative development tools in this space.

The Web3 portal provides a variety of features, including access to testnet tokens, which allow developers to deploy DApps on Ethereum’s test networks. Moreover, the portal includes comprehensive tutorials on how to develop NFTs and implement Web3-based loyalty programs. Developers also gain insights into securing digital assets through multi-party computation (MPC).

Despite these advancements, the portal has faced criticism for not including native support for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Some members of the cryptocurrency community see this as a missed opportunity, given Bitcoin’s significant role and potential in the sector.

Additionally, Google has been enhancing its overall presence in the Web3 arena. This includes capabilities to query wallet balances across several blockchains and a revised policy that permits the advertising of certain crypto products. Prior to launching the Web3 portal, Google Cloud had also expanded its BigQuery data warehouse by integrating with MultiversX and adding more blockchain networks. This integration improves the data analytics offerings within Google’s ecosystem, facilitating a smoother experience for developers.

The introduction of the Web3 portal signifies Google Cloud’s ongoing commitment to the blockchain industry. Although the absence of Bitcoin support has drawn some negative feedback, the portal’s robust set of tools and resources continues to provide substantial support for developers looking to innovate within this dynamic field.

With the establishment of its Web3 portal, Google Cloud continues to play a pivotal role in supporting the expansion of blockchain technology. Offering a suite of developmental tools, Google aims to meet the growing needs of developers in this evolving market.