SuperRare Dives into Bitcoin Ordinals, Introducing ‘No Brainers’ NFT Collection


  • SuperRare, a leading NFT platform, ventures into Bitcoin Ordinals, amplifying its reach beyond Ethereum transactions.
  • Through collaboration with Gamma, SuperRare pioneers a multi chain approach, enhancing liquidity and accessibility for artists.
  • Killer Acid debuts “No Brainers,” a psychedelic NFT collection, signaling SuperRare’s inaugural presence on Bitcoin Ordinals.

SuperRare, a prominent nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace, has broadened its horizons by delving into the realm of Bitcoin Ordinals, a move aimed at catering to the evolving needs of its artist community. This strategic expansion comes in collaboration with Gamma, a Bitcoin-based art platform, reflecting SuperRare’s commitment to embracing multichain operations.

Initially confined to Ethereum blockchain transactions, SuperRare’s foray into Bitcoin NFTs underscores its responsiveness to the growing demand among artists for alternative blockchain avenues. Zack Yanger, Senior Vice President of SuperRare Labs, emphasized the allure of Bitcoin Ordinals for artists, citing its potential for enhanced liquidity within the digital art market.

Yanger’s optimism about Bitcoin Ordinals‘ longevity is rooted in his observations of the ecosystem’s maturation and the diligence exhibited by the teams involved. Despite detractors labeling Ordinals as a harbinger of digital spam on the Bitcoin network, Yanger remains steadfast in his belief in its enduring relevance.

The recent collaboration between SuperRare and acclaimed artist Killer Acid marks the marketplace’s inaugural presence on Bitcoin Ordinals with the unveiling of the “No Brainers” NFT collection. Known for his enigmatic and whimsical psychedelic creations, Killer Acid’s collaboration signals a significant milestone in SuperRare’s expansion strategy.

Looking ahead, Yanger anticipates the impact of Bitcoin’s soaring price on inscription fees, particularly in light of its recent surge to an all-time high of $73,737.94. This upward trajectory prompts speculation about the implications for transaction costs within the digital art ecosystem.

SuperRare’s embrace of Bitcoin Ordinals underscores a pivotal shift in the NFT marketplace landscape, heralding a new era of cross-chain integration. As the platform continues to evolve in tandem with emerging blockchain technologies, it reaffirms its commitment to empowering artists and engaging collectors across diverse crypto landscapes. In summary, SuperRare’s integration with Bitcoin Ordinals signifies a paradigm shift in the NFT marketplace, driven by a commitment to innovation and inclusivity within the digital art ecosystem.