WiseKey creates a new marketplace to connect IRL Trees and NFTs


  • The launch of eTreeNFT.com was announced today by WISEKey, a global security, blockchain, AI, and loT company.
  • One of the biggest NFT marketplaces for the arts is now run by WISEKey.
  • The benefit of using these tokens is that they can track trees, promote growth and health, and enable more precise carbon calculations.

WISEKey, a worldwide security, blockchain, AI, and loT (“internet of things”) firm, today announced the launch of eTreeNFT.com, a platform for developing sustainable asset-based markets for carbon dioxide sequestration.

WISEKey now manages one of the largest NFT marketplaces for the arts. Users can now develop NFTs that are linked to real-life trees that can be certified and monitored from space using WISESats. On the blockchain, tokens representing specific trees can be produced, held, and sold.

The advantage is that these tokens can track trees, stimulate growth and health, and allow for more accurate carbon assessments. Businesses or people who demonstrate responsible tree care may be rewarded for helping to offset carbon emissions.

eTree NFT owners receive an NFT when a tree is planted that has a value equivalent to the amount of CO2 the tree will absorb over its lifetime. After that, these eTree NFTs can be traded on the platform, establishing a market where users can take advantage of incentives for carbon offsets.

According to Carlos Moreira, CEO of WISEKey, tokenization will enable us to more accurately quantify our environmental impact, and market growth is essential to establishing a worldwide market for carbon credits and “allowing more efficient pricing and wider access.”

A safe marketplace that offers NFT storage and token incentives for users is found at eTreeNFT.com. Although WiseKey only currently supports CasperLabs and Polygon, it plans to soon integrate more blockchains.

With the help of a network of participating nodes, WISeKey’s blockchain-based solutions attempt to eliminate the need for a centralized authority by dispersing data that was previously kept in a single repository. Blockchain is not owned by any one person or organization, but anybody with access to the internet (or private blockchains, in the case of those), can utilize it and contribute to its upkeep and verification.

With the help of WISeKey’s technology, an ecosystem of connected devices can be supported, and a secure platform is created so that these devices can develop into intelligent, trustworthy entities that can identify, authenticate, and verify one another, collect and analyze data, and then securely share it with other devices.