Theta Metachain, the blockchain architecture invented for Web3-oriented media and entertainment organizations

Theta blockchain’s new beginning has started with the release of Metachain, the blockchain architecture established for Media and Entertainment organizations that are interested in moving into the Web3 ecosystem. The transformation will enable Theta blockchain to get the high transaction throughput, modification and dependability required for prominent media and entertainment organizations so as to take their users on-chain. 

Theta Metachain refers to an interrelated network of blockchains and aims to enable Theta blockchain network’s permissionless horizontal scaling to seek infinite transactional throughput as well as subsecond block finalization time. This allows an extremely scalable and customizable blockchain made for the media and entertainment world’s evolving Web-based businesses. 

Challenges have become the fate of media and entertainment firms in the current time. Reduction in subscribers, increased competition and reduced profits are a result of the Streaming Wars. On the contrary, hefty costs and several subscriptions have burned out users. Structure of blockchain monetization utilizing tokens or NFTs can both gate and package content in a number of ways to serve content creators and owners in a better way and keep them away from terrible user experiences. 

Brands get to create a one-on-one bond with users and fans through such token economics. There are no intermediaries and vendors & their fees involved. The two key pain points faced by media firms are also fixed by blockchain since it allows safe tracking of rights management and video views. These two problems have already been identified by NFT DRM technology and Replay. However, such applications depend on way higher flexibility and throughout and Theta Mechanism fulfills the need for both entertainment and media enterprises in the Web3 space. 

Theta will provide an easily usable SDK that is possible to be used by developers to release a subchain besides plugging it in the key chain. As a result, a possible path to scale Metachain’s processing ability since every subchain is able to execute transactions independently. An integrated interchain messaging channel will be implemented by a subchain SDK and the channel links the subchains and main chain; thus, enabling crypto assets to flow throughout the chains. Anyone can easily register as well as launch a subchain without requiring approval from Theta Labs. 

Replay has deployed the first subchain on testnet. In every two seconds, a new block is produced by the subchain owing to which transaction finalization over the subchain will be considerably quicker. Moreover, Theta Labs has introduced a mainnet Developer Playground subchain to allow developers to start making dApps, be it in preparation to release their personal subchains or standalone. 

Other than a whole new developer education program, a new Metachain-based Theta Hackathon has been planned to initiate in the first quarter of 2023.

The Metachain launch has a Metachain Explorer design to display both the Playground subchain and Mainchain. On the explorer pages, a newly-designed Metachain navigation bar has been incorporated to allow users to swiftly move between a number of chains. 

Theta Web Wallet, Android Wallet, Theta iOS and MetaMask will allow access to subchains.

Launch Partners

To allow use cases for Media and Entertainment firms that need customization from blockchains and higher transaction throughput, Metachain was conceived. Metachain seems to have rapid growth in the upcoming year, as popular launch partners are set to release their personal subchains. 


Replay refers to the blockchain video tracking & payments platform that supercharges for Web3. It is established on the protocol of Theta blockchain and allows digital-ready streams that can be traced on the blockchain and are possible to be  distributed through a  consumption-dependent model. 

Blockchain-enabled OTT streaming solution, Rewarded TV, was also launched by Replay and allows viewers to earn crypto for sharing, watching and engaging with the content they love and that too without subscriptions or ads. Viewers can sign-up absolutely free and indulge in Live TV content and premium VOD. 

Symbiote Creatives

Symbiote Creatives is a family of builders, entrepreneurs, experts and creators. Ivory Jones, the founder, leads the team and has experience at Google, Unreal, AWS, Ethereum, Unity, Oracle, SunGuard, Unreal and many other prominent firms belonging to the gaming and technology world. Solutions are provided to gaming developers to incorporate games with Web3 and complete blockchain abilities. 

SC got popularity owing to FuseWars, their much-anticipated game, which has created immense buzz not only in the Theta community but outside it. Community members are testing a closed beta version and is due for launch in late December 2022.

Order of the Tigons

OOTT or Order of the Tigons is a creative venture that has been developed by Verified Labs.  It is one of the first projects that will provide NFT staking once ThetaDrop finishes open beta testing of NFT withdrawals. Tigons staking will display “in wallet virtual staking” to enable owners of NFT win rewards alongside keeping non-fungible tokens within their personal Metamask wallets.

Fuse Media

Fuse Media is a multi-platform entertainment company that strives to celebrate, empower and boost young, multicultural voices. Fuse aspires to showcase its young and diverse audience that’s leading a multicultural and creative destination besides supporting and promoting  education as well as adoption of Web3 opportunities and tools. Through integration of Theta-dependent TNT20 tokens and NFTs, Fuse wants to unveil a whole new engagement level to deepen their bond with their rapidly-expanding audience.

Immersive Enterprise Laboratories 

IEL, an animation and Web3 entertainment studio, aspires to offer the future generation of experiences and entertainment. The team has entertainment industry’s creators and technology veterans who wish to develop the experiences that are required to fuel life into Web3 entertainment.

The comprehensive technology stack of IEL has collaborative workflows, real-time rendering, real-time live motion capture, post-production integrations, industry-standard 3D modeling tools, advanced motion capture stunt coordination and visual effects. 


TrooVRS, a media platform for men, allows them to be involved with practical knowledge other than self-care-based content throughout virtual editorial environments, worlds, experiences, eCommerce and NFTs. TrooVRS is consistently growing Theta blockchain’s adoption by the media and entertainment industry.

TrooVRS virtual worlds enable brands to hold activations in useful environments. Brands can also provide unique physical and virtual goods and services.  


Metapass enables the creation of events on Theta as well as sell non-fungible tokens to allow token gate the event and server proof of attendance.


There’s more to Theta Metachain which can be explored by keeping an eye on forthcoming subchain releases, Theta community developers and more.