Zora’s Nouns Builder enables Ethereum NFT DAO for all


  • Zora launched Nouns Builder, a no-code tool for creating a Web3 organization
  • It is powered and funded through NFT auctions like artwork, collectibles and passes.
  • Nouns raised millions of dollars in Ethereum via NFT sales as it expands its open-source IP.

Nouns Builder is Zora’s no-code tool that helps make it super easy to create a DAO funded by NFT auctions. Zora helps create a Nouns-like Web3 organization and further raises funds via auctions of a wide variety of NFT collectibles, artwork, and access passes.

The Builder’s development is in line with Web3’s decentralized ethos. Zora co-founder Jacob Horne informed Decrypt that Nouns started as a fork of Zora’s auction house system. Now it took the Nouns model making it more accessible to creators by making it into something that doesn’t any coding or engineering to create items.

Zoho has launched Nouns Builder, a no-code tool that helps create a Web3 organisation, funded by and backed by NFT auctions. Nouns Builder raised millions of dollars in Ethereum via NFT sales upon expanding its open-source IP.

Ethereum project Nouns beings a completely fresh and new kind of on-chain organization, as it uses a regular NFT auction to grow the community and open-source IP. Nouns have managed to raise tens of millions of dollars worth of ETH to date.

NFT platform Zora is now expanding that model to greater heights. It will help any person or creator to build an NFT-driven DAO for any project whatsoever. And, without having to code in the first place.