Kristin Simmons is the debut artist for Alteon LaunchPad, a new NFT tool


  • Kristin Simmons appeared at the release of LaunchPad during BitBasel Miami and discussed the rise in importance of digital arts’ ownership.
  • Simmons is one of New York’s popular and award-winning young artists.
  • Alteon LaunchPad will be launched in January 2023.

Social satirist Kristin Simmons has been selected to support the beginning of Alteon LaunchPad, an innovative new tool exclusively for creatives.

A few days back, Today NFT News reported Opera’s dedicated browser allows immediate NFT minting via Alteon LaunchPad upon dragging and dropping media files in the browser. Alteon LaunchPad doesn’t need users to have certain knowledge regarding Web3 and has been designed for anyone who wants to discover and indulge in digital collectibles.

Simmons was authorized to create original work and fill Alteon LaunchPad’s wallpaper after it gets released in the first quarter of the coming year. The piece made by her has different influences and styles that gel well with the diverse style that’s behind making the non-fungible tokens popular. The team at LaunchPad will rotate out Simmons’ art in the future for the publicity of a new content creator every month and establish as well as celebrate a community for various Web3 creators. 

Simmons has witnessed the NFT space progressing in 2021. According to her onstage explanation at BitBasel, upon knowing more about the fundamental technology, she developed excitement regarding the storytelling opportunities and accepted to make something rare to the digital landscape that’s impossible to reproduce anywhere else. 

She shared onstage: 

I came from the advertising world, and the last thing I wanted to do was look at a screen when I got home to work on my own artwork.

She added that she understood NFTs when she realized the potential of digital art, something that can’t be done by print or paint. Digital art can move, change can be attached to the blockchain, and provides security, ownership, and providence.

Others who were present onstage in the BitBasel events were names like Susie Batt, crypto lead at Opera; Samuel Armes, president of the Florida Blockchain Business Association; Matt Cimaglia, CEO of; Andrea Virgin, president of The Center for Arts & Innovation and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.