Digital asset bank Sygnum begins NFT issuance, custody & consulting


  • Sygnum has launched a collection of particular NFT solutions for creators, banking clients and Web3 community.
  • The aim is to support corporates, artists, brands and associations to step into the NFT world.
  • Sygnum launched a metaverse center in Decentraland in September.

World’s first digital bank, Sygnum, has released a suite of specific NFT solutions that target expert creators, Web3 community and its own banking clients.

The services to be offered include-

  • An institutional-grade platform merged with NFT issuance, NFT based advisory and a completely compliant NFT launchpad.
  • Allowing brands, corporates, artists and associations to step into the NFT ecosystem and create and interact with overall peace of mind.
  • Embedding NFT custody for banking clients in the bank-grade custody offering as well as compact account solution. 

An institutional NFT platform, Sygnum, targets key corporates, popular artists, consumer brands and sports clubs & associations who are keen to discover the magnificent ability of NFTs in terms of transforming the digital community engagement along with the monetization of IP and brand rights. 

Sygnum allows creators to issue, conceive as well as sell NFTs to consumer and community/fans genuinely and complete compliance with appropriate regulatory, legal and tax distribution. Moreover, it eases difficult challenges such as balance sheet transactions and tax, converting crypto to fiat and obstacles related to technology. 

Upon providing an end-to-end service including distribution, collection, strategy and issuance management, Sygnum offers simple and technical-free experience to creators. By easily receiving and saving sale funds in fiat as well as cryptocurrencies along with Sygnum’s detailed digital asset, blockchain skills and last but not the least, performance of releasing services based on regulatory and legal frameworks, creators make benefits.

No matter if one is an expert NFT buyer or new into the area, they can rest assured that Sygnum evaluates each issuer and strictly enables only curated content. Those who are making the purchase the very first time can do so through crypto or credit card without any gas fees. 

Besides Sygnum NFT, there are bank-grade NFT custody solutions for banking clients. Clients can deploy Sygnum’s multi-custody platform to gain from an extremely safe as well as accessible storage service for high-value non-fungible tokens. NFTs that are deposited to Sygnum custody are screened using a standard crypto-AML tool besides being incorporated into the all-in-one e-Banking account of clients. 

Sygnum has taken the initial step to provide genuine solutions to larger communities that lie beyond its banking space. 

Sygnum Bank Head of Business Units, Thomas Eichenberger, said the move is an evidence to Sygnum’s exclusive value proposition of serving as a technology firm that has a banking license, future-proof technology based developing services and is in compliance with regulations and laws.