Unstoppable NFTs and Etherscan teams up to launch a suite of integrations


  • Unstoppable Domains, a Web3 domain provider, will collab with Etherscan and Polygonscan.
  • The connection will make tracing domain addresses on the two blockchain explorers easier.
  • Etherscan and Polygonscan users can use their domains to access over 600 integrations, send, and receive cryptocurrency.

Unstoppable NFT announced today a planned suite of integrations with Etherscan, the most prominent blockchain explorer, to allow users to examine transactions and on-chain data associated with an Unstoppable Domain without having to write lengthy crypto wallet addresses. 

As part of the collaboration, Polygon Scan will allow unstoppable domains in Ethereum and Polygon deals, tweeted Unstoppable NFT on December 15.

The collaboration includes numerous integrations that will go live in early 2023, all with the goal of providing Web3 users with additional transparency and insight into transaction activity. These are some examples:

The ability to browse Etherscan and Polygonscan for any unstoppable domain in order to study activity and accompanying on-chain information. Instead of complicated wallet addresses, the two blockchain explorers show human-readable Web3 URLs. Real-time viewing of all unstoppable domains that have been created and registered.

Etherscan is one of the longest-running initiatives centered on Ethereum and its community, with the goal of ensuring equal access to blockchain data. Etherscan can now access any on-chain data related to an Unstoppable domain, including wallet information.

Customers of Etherscan and Polygonscan may utilize their Web3 domains to access over 600 integrations, transfer and receive crypto on 165 wallets, log into roughly 400 applications, games, and metaverses, and maintain their digital identity using Unstoppable Domains.

Web3 name domains significantly enhance the accessibility and openness of the blockchain network. With Unstoppable Domains, Etherscan and Polygonscan users can better comprehend all on-chain activities. Unstoppable Domains created an iOS app last August to bring Web3 identities to consumers’ handsets.