DigiDaigaku’s Super Bowl ad created confusion but free NFTs are making $700


  • An ad related to an NFT-powered game was featured at this year’s Super Bowl to enable viewers to mint an NFT upon scanning a QR code.
  • Some viewers complained about being redirected to Twitter rather than the mint website.
  • Other viewers have claimed the NFTs and are making huge profits.

This year’s Super Bowl had no cryptocurrency-related ads; however, there was definitely a commercial regarding an NFT-backed game. A QR code was featured that allowed viewers to scan it and mint one of the 10,000 free collectibles. Though the process didn’t work the way it should have, some viewers not only got the free non-fungible token but are now making profits worth hundreds of dollars. 

Limit Break, a Web3 gaming startup, paid $6.5 million for the commercial that advertised the free NFT mint for DigiDaigaku, the anime-related game project. The commercial was developed based on a purposeful QR code that was aimed at allowing viewers to mint a free non-fungible token for the game.

However, a number of viewers on Crypto Twitter shared that scanning the QR code took them to Limit Break’s co-founder and CEO Gabriel Leydon’s profile, and they were not able to see the initial site load.

ThreadGuy, a Crypto Twitter personality, was one such viewer who tweeted and reported the incident. Others called the move “engagement farming.” While some said that Leydon tweeted the mint link prior to the commercial, others complained that the minting process was complicated since an Ethereum wallet was required to claim the NFT.

Popeye, a pseudonymous YouTuber, tweeted that the concept could have been great if the process was easy and didn’t require creating a wallet. 

Despite several complaints on Crypto Twitter, Limit Break gave some of the promised 10,000 Ethereum-based NFTs for the DigiDaigaku collection. Also, such free, non-fungible tokens are trading hands on secondary markets. 

According to OpenSea, the DigiDaigaku Dragon Eggs NFTs were trading for 0.5 ETH after the mint; however, the price is increasing and decreasing during the course of the game. The change in price might be due to an uncertainty based on Dragon Eggs NFTs’ second announced wave. Leydon has tweeted regarding a second-chance mint for 5,000 more non-fungible tokens, for which users can qualify by registering through the website of DigiDaigaku and by retweeting one of his tweets. Currently, it is not clear if the NFTs belong to the original 10,000 total or not.