Polygon and the WWF collaborate to use “trash NFTs” to save the ocean


  • Polygon has decided to research blockchain and Web3 technologies to address the world’s most pressing environmental concerns.
  • Polygon partnered with WWF Deutschland to launch a Web3 virtual world on Polygon.
  • The arctic SaveYour.World, based on the announcement, is just the starting point of broadening the digital realm to other environments like forests.

In a recent announcement made on the official Twitter handle of Polygon, they revealed a partnership with WWF Deutschland in order to launch a Web3 virtual world on Polygon to safeguard the real one. 

A project was formed in order to transform environmental issues into computable works of digital art while also making sure that experience, as well as access, are democratized. It was named SaveYour.World, which is a collaboration between WWF Deutschland and SaveSpecies, is now accessible on the Polygon network. 

Enlightening the general population about the emergency of trash and plastics entering the ocean will help the #OceanDetox effort.

A campaign called “Play to Donate” has additionally been launched to inspire individuals to take action. Polygon has dedicated itself to researching blockchain and Web3 in order to address the world’s most pressing environmental concerns.

This encouraged both traditional climate solutions and new dApps to probe how the inherent powers of blockchain transparency, as well as composability, offer the opportunity to develop new climate alternatives and improve existing ones at a pivotal moment.

As a result of the partnerships, a hybrid metaverse has emerged in which players can alter reality by expelling actual trash from real oceans in whatever trash NFT they own. SaveYour.World for the Arctic, according to the statement, is only the beginning of the digital world’s expansion into other ecosystems.