The Sandbox gets deployed on Polygon; Marks yet another milestone


  • The Sandbox has marked yet another milestone with its smart contract successfully migrating on Polygon Layer 2.
  • The deployment of The Sandbox’s smart contract on Polygon Layer 2, along with the bridge of their LAND and SAND tokens, is aimed at developing a greener ecosystem.
  • Users will now be getting faster speed, lower gas fees, and the return of LAND multipliers on their staking programs.

In a recent announcement made on the official Twitter handle of The Sandbox, the team revealed that they are deploying their smart contract on Polygon. This marks yet another milestone for the project that it has managed to accomplish in its 2022 roadmap. 

The successful migration of The Sandbox’s smart contract on Polygon Layer marks another step towards making an alteration in the majority of its ecosystem. As revealed, the deployment and the bridge of their LAND and SAND tokens will help the team facilitate the development of a cheaper and overall greener ecosystem that has more features. 

The announcement revealed that each LAND bridged grants a 10 mSAND cashback on Polygon. Additionally, it has been revealed that both LAND and SAND are now completely supported on Polygon’s Network, and users will now have the potential to interact with all of their Sandbox tokens in a single place. 

With the initiation of the deployment and bridge of the ecosystem on the Polygon Network, users will benefit from being more efficient and greener, having access to faster speeds, and paying lower gas fees.

Digging further into the benefits of the bridge of LAND to Polygon, it will be unlocking a 15% LAND contribution multiplayer on the SAND and SAND-MATIC staking programs. In addition, the deployment will allow LAND owners to earn more rewards for their staked SAND in accordance with the amount of LAND they own on Polygon.

In addition to this, the team revealed that in order to encourage migration and lighten the gas costs, they are allocating $1M $SAND via a cashback mechanism. As a result, LAND owners must note that they will be able to claim a 10 mSAND cashback per LAND migrated for the very first time on Polygon.