Steve Aoki’s avatars to land on The Sandbox on July 25


  • Steve Aoki’s avatars will be disclosed 48 hours after being minted on the OpenSea marketplace.
  • Minting is possible with any wallet.
  • Avatar holders can earn SAND through gameplay.

Steve Aoki is stepping in The Sandbox and giving people an opportunity to transform into him in the metaverse. This is a lifetime chance to explore special designs that have been hand-crafted and curated by none other than the coolest musicians in history. 

On July 25 at 2pm UTC, a total of 3,333 avatars will be available to mint.  

To grab the avatars, visit HERE!

The avatars will either fall into or on the 6 Rarity Tiers: Gold, Diamond, Hybrid, Rainbow, Android and Human. The cost to mint one avatar is 100 SAND.

A number of unique and extremely rare 1/1 Aoki’s avatars will be created. Furthemore, each avatar will be a playable one inside The Sandbox. 

Avatar holders will unlock exclusive functionalities and have the chance to earn SAND via playing. 

The avatars are set to be released in 3 waves:

  1. July 25th 2022 (2pm UTC): Within a window of 48 hours, individuals whitelisted by Aoki will get to mint up to 2 avatars per wallet.
  2. July 26th 2022 (2pm UTC): Within a window of 24 hours, individuals whitelisted by both Aoki and The Sandbox will get to mint up to 2 avatars per wallet.
  3. July 27th 2022 (2pm UTC): In the public release, users will get to mint up to 4 avatars per wallet.

To claim the avatars, one needs to visit

To use the avatar in The Sandbox, all that’s required is selecting it in the avatar manager in the dashboard of The Sandbox after it is enabled. 

One can buy as many avatars as they want once the initial sale gets over. The purchase can be done from users who want to sell their avatars on the secondary marketplace OpenSea.