Sailor Man Popeye sails into the metaverse & NFTs


  • Popeye is ready to begin its innings in the metaverse and NFT space.
  • Virtual goods and multimedia files will be offered as mentioned in the trademark application.
  • A number of cartoon companies have entered the metaverse to match steps with the new generation.

Hearst Holdings has submitted a trademark application for the very famous cartoon character POPEYE, indicating its plan to enter into the metaverse and NFTs.

The application was submitted to the USPTO on July 22. According to the firm’s plans, it will provide:

  • Virtual goods such as watches, toys, clothing, footwear, accessories and more to be used in both online and virtual worlds;
  • Downloadable multimedia files featuring text, artwork, audio and video based on cartoon characters authenticated by NFTs.

Trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis shared the news on Twitter.

Companies are leaving no stone unturned to file trademark applications and enter into the metaverse and NFT universe. Other than making the all-time favorite cartoons known forever, they have a goal to attract the new generations through revolutionary technology.

As reported earlier by Today NFT News, Shabiaat Al cartoon launched the first Arabic cartoon NFT collection. The NFT collection has 9,999 one-of-a-kind art pieces derived from the ten key characters of the show.