Artifact Labs & HK Phil launches world’s first Metaverse symphony


  • For the world premiere of The Metaverse Symphony, Artifact Labs announced a cooperation with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil).
  • Innovative technology, in the opinion of HK Phil CEO Benedikt Fohr, may present new opportunities for all forms of art.
  • For partners looking to establish certain NFTs, Artifact Labs offers consultancy services, product development, blockchain engineering, and community management support.

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil) and Artifact Labs, a Web3 company that seeks to “Preserve and Connect History” on the blockchain, have joined forces to perform the world premiere of The Metaverse Symphony, the latest work by famous film composer Elliot Leung. The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra will perform the Metaverse Symphony.

According to HK Phil Chief Executive Benedikt Fohr, innovative technology may open up new vistas for arts of all types. The HK Phil is honored to host our first-ever Arts Tech initiative, bringing together upcoming composer Elliot Leung and their esteemed partners to compose the first symphony that draws inspiration from the metaverse. We are committed to exploring the world of music along this route using tech in an original, creative way.

The Metaverse Symphony will have its world premiere in The Sandbox as a completely immersive Web3 experience, and the performance will take place in Hong Kong in May 2023. Artifact Labs is reimagining Hong Kong’s famous Statue Square as a multi-use digital venue using The Sandbox as its metaverse partner to demonstrate the virtually limitless possibilities of music.

The Battle at Lake Changjin, the second-highest-grossing movie globally in 2021, included a theme and score by acclaimed composer Elliot Leung, who is most known for his work on feature film soundtracks. Due to his contributions to the film business and other accomplishments, Leung was also included in the Forbes 2022 list of the 30 under 30.

An independent Web3 and NFT business called Artifact Labs creates blockchain strategies, products, and platforms to offer services to companies with a long history of intellectual property. 

Artifact Labs provides consulting services, product development, blockchain engineering, and community management assistance to partners that want to launch specific NFT projects and construct on Web3. A one-stop shop is Artifact Labs. The company that first functioned as Artifact Labs’ incubator was South China Morning Post. This global news media conglomerate has been covering China for the rest of the world since 1903.