Moncler joins Arianee to take innovation ahead via NFTs & metaverse


  • Moncler will put its best efforts to shape the future of the Arianee open-source protocol as well as its applications.
  • Arianee is the very first platform that provides solutions to companies to step into Web3.
  • The collaboration depicts Moncler’s first layer of a larger Web3 strategy.

Arianee has partnered with Moncler on the occasion of the brand’s 70th anniversary on September 24 via an event in Milan’s Piazza del Duomo. 

To build the future of Arianee’s open-source protocol as well as its applications with 50 plus leaders from the industry, Moncler has joined the Arianee Association. 

Three NFT operations allowed by Arianee will be released by Moncler. These are-

  • 500 non-fungible tokens related to Moncler Maya 70 jacket’s Platinum colorway. 
  • 500 non-fungible tokens provided to visitors at every location of Moncler’s ‘Extraordinary Expedition’ exhibition.
  • 70 non-fungible tokens as gifts to the band’s friends.

500 limited edition tokens were available to buyers of Moncler Maya 70 jacket on October 1. Exclusive features and benefits were included. Every Moncler NFT can be claimed through a QR code scan and can be saved in a custodial wallet that’s inside the Moncler application. 

Moncler gave the first drop of 500 NFTs to visitors of The ‘Extraordinary Expedition’ exhibition on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Each NFT has a unique artwork that has been designed by Antoni Tudisco, a Germany-based creative director & 3D visual artist. 

To offer on-brand, seamless and wise experience to the most engaged consumers, Moncler will incorporate non-fungible tokens and web custodial wallet solution of Arianee. 

The SaaS platform of Arianee enables Moncler to establish tokens with unique and special features for its consumers such as- 

Asynchronous transfer: Apart from looking at the content of the NFT, users can also have a wallet created no matter if they are a crypto native or not. They will be able to transfer their non-fungible token to an external wallet quite soon.  

Minted on Polygon: From markets such as OpenSea to metaverses such as The Sandbox, owners can share as well as trade their NFT throughout various blockchain apps and networks. 

Some extra features are time-stamping, airdrop claim, metaverse deployment, transparency, CRM, AR and more. 

CEO and co-founder of Arianee, Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, said that welcoming Moncler as a member of the Arianee association is a big opportunity. Arianee will allow Moncler to use and control the former’s Web3 experiences and develop a new relationship with customers.  

It is expected that by 2031, Web3 will reach one billion users and Arianee will have a major contribution when it comes to the evolution of luxury brands that will move in the Web3 ecosystem. 

In May, Today NFT News reported that Arianee raised $21 million to deliver ownership NFTs with real luxury goods.