DraftKings joins PGA Tour to launch NFT fantasy golf game


  • Reignmakers PGA Tour will be released in March to enable users to battle and win millions of dollars in prize money.
  • Gamified digital player cards will include some prominent names of PGA Tour golfers.
  • Golf fans can establish a collection of digital golfer cards via auctions, pack drops and the secondary market on DraftKings marketplace.

DraftKings has announced its plan to release an NFT fantasy golf game in collaboration with the PGA Tour. The sports betting company is all set to begin the Reignmakers PGA Tour experience in March. 

Digital cards inspired by PGA Tour golfers will be both minted as well as sold through Polygon. Users can compete with each other for cash prizes worth millions of dollars. Moreover, they can earn points according to players’ real performances in their individual lineups. Furthermore, they can create their lineups upon purchasing and trading digital cards in accordance with the real athletes. 

The partnership is a continuation of DraftKings’ association with the PGA Tour and features a conventional fantasy golf experience without any NFT element. DraftKings’ senior VP of marketplace operations, Beth Beiriger, said that golf is their company’s fourth-largest fantasy sport and has the seventh spot in terms of the most-bet-on sports league. 

The Reignmakers PGA Tour will launch on March 1 with a superior Greens Pass NFT, which will offer desirable access and season-long rewards for players.

The PGA Player Cards’ first set will be released on March 6, i.e., just before The Players Championship, which is scheduled from March 9 – March 12. The NFT-based experience is not new to players of other Reignmakers games. However, Beiriger mentioned exclusively-themed future NFT drops throughout PGA Tour tournaments. 

It is the second NFT partnership for the PGA Tour. Its first deal happened last September with Autograph, an NFT startup. According to the PGA Tour’s VP of media business development, Tom Jeffs, NFTs of Autograph will be digital collectibles based on on-the-course moments. 

DraftKings has its focus on player cards with in-game usage. Jeffs believes that both projects can do well in the world of sports NFT. He further said that the PGA Tour sees the possibility for NFT projects to increase the likelihood of fans towards players by acquiring their individual assets.