Mintable teams up with Ripple for more NFT project launches


  • Mintable has partnered with Ripple to provide better and cheaper experiences for users.
  • The goal of Mintable’s utility-focused marketplace is to improve NFT trading in every way.
  • Thanks to the XRPL’s cheap fees and fast throughput, users, artists, and developers now have access to a more practical and scalable alternative blockchain for NFTs.

The NFT markets and infrastructure suppliers collaborating with Ripple’s Creator Fund are highlighted in this Ripple Insights series. Together, the group is accelerating the creator economy and stimulating the development of innovative business models on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Dr. Patrick Chin, CMO at Mintable, an NFT marketplace that enables users to easily make, purchase, and sell digital things using fiat or cryptocurrency, is the next speaker in the series. The combination of these two has increased anticipation for the project.

Every component of Mintable’s utility-focused marketplace is intended to enhance the NFT trading experience. Their group invented batch minting, gasless minting, and NFT credit card purchases.

Users will now be able to easily and cheaply buy, sell, and mint NFTs on the XRPL in a safe manner. To enable the development of high-quality NFT products and offer a no-code solution for independent producers on the XRPL, their cooperation with Ripple, the market leader in corporate blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, will bring creators and developers together.

The integration of additional tools and services for creators, artists, and collectors as well as the growth of its community and partnerships are among the major milestones in Mintable’s plan.

“To rethink the NFT experience so that NFTs become a part of daily life,” is the mission statement of Mintable. The adoption and expansion of NFTs on markets depend heavily on the XRPL. It is a blockchain that has successfully overcome adoption hurdles for NFTs relating to sustainability and security issues.

Their integration with the XRPL solves one of the biggest obstacles – environmental effect — by adopting one of the first substantial blockchains to be certified carbon-neutral.

Gas fees on big L2 blockchains are another important hurdle for NFT producers and collectors. In contrast, transactions on the XRPL process in under 3-5 seconds and only cost a fraction of a cent, making it practically free. Users, artists, and developers now have access to a more viable and scalable alternative blockchain for NFTs thanks to the low fees and high throughput of the XRPL.