Starbucks Joins Forces with Micah Johnson’s Aku NFT Project for Exclusive NFT Stamp Collection


  • Starbucks partners with Micah Johnson’s Aku NFT project for exclusive NFT stamp collection on Odyssey.
  • Odyssey aims to inspire young children to pursue their dreams with interactive Aku Adventure NFT stamps.
  • Starbucks donates $100,000 to Blessings in a Backpack charity to address weekend hunger among schoolchildren.

Starbucks’ Web3 initiative, Odyssey, has joined forces with former MLB player Micah Johnson and his Aku NFT project to introduce a fresh collection of NFT Stamps. In an exciting collaboration, these interactive stamps are part of the “Aku Adventure” journey, exclusively available to Odyssey members until August 13, 2023. The primary objective of this initiative is to inspire young children to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

To amplify their impact further, Starbucks has also announced a generous $100,000 donation to Blessings in a Backpack, a charity dedicated to addressing weekend hunger among schoolchildren in the United States.

This recent endeavor by Starbucks signifies a significant stride forward in its Web3 roadmap, particularly concerning the Odyssey program. Scheduled to launch in September 2022, Odyssey will offer customers exclusive and exhilarating coffee experiences. The renowned coffee chain previously conducted an airdrop of NFT Stamps, specially crafted by select artists.

In April, Starbucks released “The First Store,” the second set of NFTs under the Starbucks Odyssey Web3 venture. Building on the incredible success of the sold-out “The Siren Collection” in March, which astonishingly sold out in a mere 20 minutes, this latest collaboration with Aku NFTs is a natural progression.

In contrast to Starbucks’ NFT Stamps, the Aku NFT project encompasses a series of captivating 3D avatars that grant admission to the Akuverse. Within this virtual realm, holders gain access to a plethora of immersive experiences, exclusive merchandise, and influential partnerships that shape both digital and physical cultures.

The Aku narrative made waves in February 2021, fetching a staggering $2 million during its initial chapter sale and generating widespread attention in mainstream media. Notably, prominent brands such as Puma, Planes, Vandal, Who Decides War, the BBC, and Ice Cream have already joined forces with the Aku team, underscoring the project’s growing significance.

Starbucks’ strategic collaboration with Micah Johnson and the Aku NFT project represents a novel approach to engaging consumers through the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape. By blending the appeal of limited-edition collectibles with immersive storytelling and charitable endeavors, Starbucks continues to set new standards for digital innovation.