Puma and LaMelo Ball’s Guttermello NFT Sneakers Challenge Nike


  • Puma announces NFT collaboration with LaMelo Ball and Gutter Cat Gang, challenging Nike’s dominance.
  • The ‘MB.03 Guttermello’ collection of phygital sneakers will be launched on OpenSea, combining digital and physical elements.
  • Buyers can purchase technicolor tokens for $175, unlocking physical sneakers within a limited time frame.

Puma, the renowned sports apparel giant, is set to challenge Nike’s dominance with its own Web3 designs. The company has recently announced an exciting NFT collaboration with basketball superstar LaMelo Ball and the notorious Gutter Cat Gang.

This groundbreaking partnership will launch a bold collection of phygital sneakers called the ‘MB.03 Guttermello’ collection. The sneakers will be available on OpenSea starting June 29, with buyers having the option to pay $175 in ETH or by credit card.

Once buyers acquire these technicolor tokens, they will have a limited timeframe, scheduled between July 18 and August 20, to claim their physical counterparts. Puma has spared no expense in the design department, ensuring each sneaker boasts a vibrant and unconventional color scheme. The shoes feature audaciously eccentric designs, all proudly displaying the iconic Gutter Cat Gang motif on the tongue.

Following this much-anticipated drop, Puma has tantalized fans with hints of additional NFT releases later in the year, incorporating exciting new partnerships. As the company aims to establish a strong presence in the thriving market of phygital sports NFTs, all eyes are on this rising star.

With its daring move into the world of NFTs and blockchain technology, Puma aims to revolutionize the sneaker industry. By combining the star power of LaMelo Ball and the allure of the Gutter Cat Gang, the brand seeks to captivate sneaker enthusiasts and collectors alike.

As the competition between Nike and Puma heats up, the sneaker world eagerly awaits the release of the ‘MB.03 Guttermello’ collection. With its fusion of physical and digital elements, this collaboration represents a bold step forward in the intersection of fashion, sports, and technology.

Puma promises even more exciting NFT projects in the coming months, signaling its determination to secure a prominent position in the ever-evolving market. Stay tuned for the next wave of innovative partnerships and extraordinary sneaker releases from this groundbreaking sports apparel giant.