PUMA is now ready to serve the Metaverse experience with Black Station


  • Sportswear tycoon PUMA debuted Black Station, its first-ever metaverse online experience, at New York Fashion Week.
  • Black Station was the home of PUMA’s most avant-garde fashion concepts twenty years ago, claims Chief Brand Officer Adam Petrick.
  • Nike, one of Puma’s main competitors, has generated close to $184 million in NFT sales, it should be noted.

During New York Fashion Week, sportswear giant PUMA launched Black Station, its first-ever metaverse online experience, as a part of its “FUTROGRADE” show. Exclusive NFTs and limited-edition redeemable genuine sneakers are combined at Black Station.

Customers can experience the brand’s future at PUMA Black Station, designed to be an immersive and interactive environment. In the coming year and beyond, Black Station will evolve into a vibrant destination that will connect users with various web3 activations on a 3D canvas that is both empty and continually changing.

According to Chief Brand Officer Adam Petrick, Black Station was the birthplace of PUMA’s most avant-garde fashion designs twenty years ago. Given the boundaries they are pushing in terms of product design and digital, they felt it was right to bring Black Station back as a fresh entry point for digital inquiry across fashion, sports performance, the legacy classics, and innovation.

Beginning on September 7, the first two Black Station portals will feature one-of-a-kind, previously unseen Nitro NFRNO and Nitro Fastroid footwear associated with PUMA’s NFT NitroPass mint. 

Owners of Nitropasses have access to two NFTs: one that provides them with a personalized experience tied to their favorite shoe and another that is focused on material goods. Once the Futuregrade shoe is finished, miners will be able to obtain their physical fix by burning their product-claimed NFT.

The third doorway of Black Station will provide entry to the digital NYFW metaverse fashion show. The interactive environment will be abstracted and use point cloud-like effects to immerse visitors. They will move through a computerized replica of the display where visitors can interact with the collection’s artifacts.

Although the metaverse offers technological innovation, it should be mentioned that Nike, one of Puma’s primary rivals, has made close to $184 million thanks to its NFTs products. This is a very open invitation to a newly emerging market.

The metaverse is accessible to all businesses that want to venture outside of the physical realm. Even the major automakers, like Ford Motor Company, have made announcements about filing patents to bring their most popular auto collections into the metaverse.