Cobo Partners with MetaMask Institutional and Gnosis Safe to Launch Evolution Soulbound NFT Project

The leading provider of blockchain technology in Asia Pacific is celebrating its fifth anniversary by partnering with Gnosis Safe, a community-driven multi-sig smart contract wallet, MetaMask Institutional, an institution-compliant version of MetaMask Wallet, and Evolution, a new NFT project.

Tokens that have been soulbound can serve a completely different function. Instead of having a token that can be traded between various wallets, Soulbound NFTs help users develop a personal identity, which will then enable them to be recognized for their accomplishments and assets. Additionally, it enables businesses to develop enduring relationships with their customers.

Evolution is a soulbound token that, along with its unique utility and access, will be inextricably linked to the owner’s wallet address. The coin features two time-based prizes that, over the course of the first three days, will release a particular gift associated with MetaMask Institutional and Gnosis Safe.

Additionally, owners of the NFT will have access to a variety of in-person and online masterminds and events, as well as an exclusive quarterly research report that details DeFi strategies, market trends, and opportunities. This report will be produced by award-winning researchers and the security and investment team at Cobo.

Changhao, Cobo’s CTO and co-founder, stated that:

We are thrilled to introduce Evolution to our select community as the first soulbound NFT with MetaMask Institutional and Gnosis Safe. Since each firm has a niche, this project is a compelling first step toward strengthening ties and resulting in future partnerships to provide exclusive community benefits to informed users.

Thanks to MetaMask Institutional’s reputation for providing efficient DeFi access for cryptocurrency funds, market makers, trading desks, and DAOs. The ability of Gnosis Safe to develop flexible multi-signature solutions using smart contracts, and due to Cobo’s position as the only omni-custodian provider in the world with both HSM and MPC technology, institutions in their ecosystem can safely access all of Web 3.0 without worrying about being compromised.

According to Jorge Selva,( the company’s growth lead )

Soulbound NFTs are a fantastic technique to substantiate credentials and identities. As opposed to a tradeable NFT at the moment, it has a plethora of potential uses, and Gnosis Safe is eager to collaborate with Cobo to develop its first Soulbound NFT.

The company wants to honor its customers, employees, and VIPs who have traveled extensively with Cobo, citing the company’s development over the last five years. One thousand Evolution Soulbound tokens will be granted to institutions, HNWIs, and the partners of Cobo, MetaMask Institutional, and Gnosis Safe.