Chinese alcohol company Moutai unveils NFT-linked bottles


  • Users can purchase NFT-linked limited edition bottles at the liquor store.
  • Moutai released Lichum-themed NFT last Saturday.
  • Users can still create virtual treasures by trading in-game tokens with other players.

The launch of Kweichow Moutai’s NFT collection, which enables owners to purchase limited edition booze in physical stores, was announced on Saturday. Kweichow Moutai is one of the largest Chinese companies by market capitalization and a global leader in the alcoholic beverage industry.

The 113,960 Lichun-themed NFTs, sometimes called “digital collectibles” in this region, have been released by Moutai since last Saturday, together with their actual liquor equivalents. Each bottle is connected to a unique NFT on the blockchain.

The first of China’s traditional calendar’s 24 solar periods is Lichun. Each solar cycle, Moutai intends to release NFTs along with the associated physical items.

For a total of 139 million yuan, which is more than $20 million in value, it may purchase the NFT-linked bottles for yuan 2,899, which is $427 for 500 ml and 569 yuan for 100 ml.

Even though NFTs cannot be exchanged in the game, alcohol lovers can still create virtual treasures by trading in-game tokens with other players. According to Xunfeng, its treatment may cost roughly 1,600 yuan.

Customers who play the smartphone game Xunfeng Digital World, which has a virtual version of Moutai’s vineyard, may earn NFTs that can be used to buy alcohol using fiat.

A report from Moutai shows that Xunfeng had over 2.4 million registered users by the end of January, the first day after Moutai and NetEase launched it, and it has added around 2.8 million users since then.