World Economic Forum soon coming up with its own Metaverse


  • In 2023, the World Economic Forum (WEF) plans to launch its Metaverse.
  • The Global Village is the metaverse of the WEF.
  • Microsoft technology, especially Microsoft Mesh, the company’s update to Microsoft Teams, will be used in the WEF metaverse.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) announced the creation of a metaverse in 2023 to address the most pressing global concerns. There will be a virtual gathering of more than 80 participants from the business, finance, and non-profit sectors to build the goal-driven metaverse.

The WEF’s metaverse is referred to as the “Global Village.” There will be conference rooms, discussion places, and simulations that use virtual reality technology to highlight global issues. An illustration might be a simulation that looks at marine shore life and how it affects the ocean and dry surfaces.

In a separate report, the WEF anticipated that the metaverse would start out being utilized for business before shifting to a consumer-facing metaverse. Through the use of digital twins, for instance, an “industrial metaverse” could improve company efficiencies. Renault, a company that makes vehicles, is one of the businesses utilizing an industrial metaverse.

The WEF metaverse will make use of Microsoft technologies, particularly Microsoft Mesh, the company’s update to Microsoft Teams. Accenture and Microsoft are the WEF’s two main metaverse partners, but dozens of stakeholders will ultimately use the technology to meet.

Even though the WEF’s metaverse is major news, it’s not the only institution experimenting with it in the new year. We have already covered a wide range of topics in our previous articles about the metaverse, including everything from horse racing to social gatherings. I’ll list three.

First, a collaboration to bring horse racing to the metaverse was declared by the Dubai Verse Cup and the Dubai Racing Club. The two organizations want to develop a Play-to-Earn game centered on horse collection, breeding, and racing. The horses will be available for users to own as NFTs.

It might take some time until the WEF’s metaverse is operational, although it was revealed at the 2023 annual conference. Additionally, the organization claims that it will only supplement in-person events rather than replace them. Even so, it thinks the metaverse has the power to advance interconnection and change society.