TCG World Teams Up with Chooky Records to Introduce Busta Rhymes and More into the Metaverse


  • TCG World announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Chooky Records, introducing hit music into its virtual community.
  • The partnership kicks off with the debut of the “Chooky” video in the metaverse, featuring artists Busta Rhymes, O.T., and Elesia Iimura.
  • This initiative represents a strategic fusion of technology and entertainment, signaling a new era for music distribution and artist engagement in digital spaces.

TCG World has announced a collaboration with Chooky Records to integrate music from artists such as Busta Rhymes, O.T., and Elesia Iimura into its metaverse platform. This partnership signals the entrance of renowned musical talents into the virtual realm, offering an innovative experience for users. The initiative kicks off with the metaverse debut of the “Chooky” video, featuring these artists, highlighting the blend of technology and entertainment.

The metaverse, since its launch in 2021, has become a digital frontier for virtual real estate and Web3 collectibles, making a mark with its 4K VR low poly gaming experience. It operates on the BNB Smart Chain blockchain, distinguishing itself as a pioneer in this space. The inclusion of music content, especially the viral hit “Chooky,” further diversifies the offerings within this virtual world, attracting a broader audience.

Chooky Records, though a newer entity in the music industry, has rapidly gained recognition for its unique approach to music distribution and artist agreements. By leveraging NFTs, the label creates a more equitable platform for artists, ensuring they receive a more significant portion of royalties and benefit from the digital and physical promotions. The success of “Chooky” has exemplified the potential of combining traditional music with blockchain technology to reach global audiences.

Busta Rhymes, a multi-decade hitmaker, adds significant star power to this venture, with his participation in the “Chooky” track adding a layer of credibility and appeal. His career, noted for its longevity and success across various music eras, reflects the potential for traditional artists to find new life and audiences in digital spaces.

This partnership represents a strategic move by TCG World and Chooky Records to bridge the gap between the music industry and the burgeoning world of virtual experiences. It underscores the potential for digital platforms to revolutionize how we consume media, offering immersive experiences that go beyond traditional listening.

The collaboration between TCG World and Chooky Records marks a significant step towards integrating music and entertainment within the digital domain. It showcases the evolving landscape of the music industry, where virtual platforms offer new avenues for artists to connect with fans.