Sports Illustrated Transitions NFT Ticketing Service to Avalanche Blockchain


  • Sports Illustrated’s SI Tickets moves its NFT ticketing platform, Box Office, to the Avalanche blockchain through a partnership with Ava Labs.
  • The strategic shift aims to transform the traditional event ticketing experience by enhancing engagement and offering unique benefits to ticket holders.
  • Collaborating with Ava Labs leverages blockchain technology to create dynamic content, opening new revenue streams and heralding a new era in the event ticketing industry.

Sports Illustrated’s ticketing division, SI Tickets, has embarked on a strategic shift, migrating its innovative NFT ticketing platform, Box Office, to the Avalanche blockchain. This move, announced in partnership with Ava Labs, marks a significant transition from the platform’s launch on the Polygon blockchain nearly ten months prior. The collaboration aims to leverage Avalanche’s robust capabilities to mint NFT tickets and transform event tickets into dynamic content, enhancing guest engagement.

The Box Office platform, launched in May 2023, initially sought to revolutionize the event ticketing experience by offering exclusive benefits to ticket holders. These benefits ranged from expedited entry passes and drink coupons to music downloads before events and video content and additional rewards post-event. The shift to Avalanche is expected to enhance these offerings further, providing event attendees with a richer, more interactive experience.

David Lane, CEO of SI Tickets, emphasized the transformative potential of NFT ticketing. He pointed out the traditional limitations of physical tickets, which lose their utility post-event, contrasting them with the enduring value and engagement opportunities NFT tickets offer. Lane highlighted the role of this technology in bridging the gap between event organizers, performers, sponsors, and attendees, creating a more interconnected and rewarding event ecosystem.

The decision to partner with Ava Labs was driven by the desire to tap into their extensive resources, technology, and market leadership. This partnership will bring a new dimension to the event ticketing landscape, leveraging the power of blockchain to offer unprecedented engagement and monetization opportunities for event owners while enriching the attendee experience.

Moreover, the initiative reflects a broader trend of integrating NFT technology into the sports sector. The growing market for sports NFTs is drawing fans closer to the Web3 space, with Lane predicting significant growth as more fans recognize the value of these digital assets. The move by SI Tickets not only underscores the potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing ticketing but also signals a broader shift towards digital innovation across the live events industry.

In conclusion, the transition of SI Tickets’ NFT platform to the Avalanche blockchain represents a forward-looking step in the evolution of event ticketing. This partnership is set to redefine the attendee experience, offering new ways for fans to engage with their favorite events and opening up new avenues for content monetization and interaction within the event industry.