Shopify merchants can sell Avalanche NFTs via Venly


  • Venly’s Avalanche app will allow Shopify merchants to mint and sell NFTs via a no-code interface.
  • Navigating Avalanche NFT sales from the design stage until final distribution has turned easy.
  • By using the Venly Shopify merchant app, NFTs can be sold with minimum technical knowledge.

From now onwards, merchants of Shopify need not direct customers to a particular marketplace in order to sell NFTs. Instead, they can now mint as well as list NFTs via their current storefront, thanks to a blockchain app of Shopify. Venly will enable to mint NFTs in Avalanche.

A blockchain startup, Venly, has announced Avalanche support’s expansion via its Shopify NFT minting app. The blockchain platform is an economical and quick alternative and was earlier accessible exclusively to select Shopify users; however, it is now available to merchants too.

To buy an NFT, buyers neither need an existing Avalanche wallet nor they need to manage cryptocurrency. Fiat money can be used to make the payment. After doing so, they will get a link to a recently-created Avalanche wallet that will have the minted NFT which can be transferred anywhere.  

Venly was established in 2018 and is among many blockchain app partners included in the Shopify ecosystem. 

Co-founder and CEO of Venly, Tim Dierckxsens, shared that initially they provided NFT minting tools to artists and brands on Shopify. However, later they realized a demand for a simple, no-code tool that could be used by sellers to create NFTs. 

Dierckxsens added that Shopify urged Venly to create an app for merchants to allow sales of NFTs to mainstream users. Undoubtedly, it is among the biggest evolutions to connect with a mass market. 

Merchants can sell NFT collectibles via Venly and provide NFT token-gated experiences or even connect non-fungible tokens to real products for authentication. Via the Venly market, Shopify owners can earn royalties on secondary NFT transactions.

Christina Lomazzo, Shopify Blockchain Ecosystem Lead, said:

Our growing blockchain ecosystem demonstrates our commitment to supporting merchants as they sell NFTs directly through their storefronts, helping to further grow participation in Web3 and expand what’s possible in commerce.

Venly is looking forward to adding support for non-fungible tokens minted via Immutable X in the coming time. Emphasizing on layer-1 platforms as well as on Ethereum layer-2 networks along with low gas fees is done purposely. 

Despite the low NFT trading volume, Avalanche has witnessed growth in NFT adoption in the last year. In October 2022, OpenSea added support for Avalanche NFTs during the growth of Web3 gaming on the platform.