Coachella Unveils Blockchain-Based Quest Game Featuring Avalanche NFTs at Music Festival


  • Coachella 2024 introduces Coachella Quests, a blockchain-based game, enabling attendees to earn exclusive festival perks by completing quests.
  • Developed in partnership with Ava Labs, the game rewards participants with NFT stamps for festival benefits, including VIP access and unreleased music.
  • The Coachella Canvas app acts as a digital passport, documenting experiences and facilitating a deeper connection between the festival and its goers.

Coachella Music Festival attendees are in for a treat this year as they embark on a unique journey with Coachella Quests, a blockchain-based game designed to enhance their festival experience. Developed by Coachella Innovations in collaboration with Ava Labs, creators of the Avalanche blockchain, this game introduces a novel way for festival-goers to engage with the event and earn exclusive rewards.

As participants complete various quests both at the festival grounds and on the Coachella Discord server, they will collect stamps and points. These can be exchanged for special festival benefits such as access to the Oasis VIP lounge, unreleased music, and even a rare NFT that includes guest passes for the 2025 festival.

This initiative allows Coachella organizers to gain valuable insights into the preferences and activities of their guests. Sam Schoonover, Coachella Innovation Lead, explains that the quests are intricately linked to the festival’s array of partners, artists, and venues, providing a digital footprint of attendees’ experiences.

To facilitate this immersive experience, the Coachella Canvas app is launched, serving as a digital passport for attendees to document their festival journey. Complete with rules and prize redemption details, the app aims to enhance participant engagement without compromising their privacy.

Moreover, the partnership with Ava Labs represents another step into the Web3 space for Coachella. This follows their previous collaboration with the now-defunct FTX US for auctioning a lifetime pass NFT. Despite challenges, such as the FTX collapse, Coachella continues to innovate, most recently launching a collection of digital collectibles on the OpenSea marketplace with Ava Labs.

Avalanche’s technology, known for its high throughput and quick transaction confirmation times, is touted as well-suited to handle the dynamic environment of Coachella. Ava Labs emphasizes ease of use with a system designed to seamlessly award stamps on attendees’ Canvas Cards, turning them into dynamic NFTs.

Ava Labs and Coachella Innovations are setting up an activation hub at the festival to assist attendees with the game setup and to provide a strong Wi-Fi signal, anticipating it to be a popular spot for those looking to connect.

This integration of blockchain technology into the Coachella experience signifies a forward-thinking approach to enhancing attendee engagement, providing a glimpse into the future of music festivals.