Immutable & AWS Join Forces to Revolutionize Blockchain Gaming


  • Blockchain gaming leader Immutable has collaborated with Amazon Web Services.
  • Through AWS’s expansive network, Immutable opens doors for potential collaborations with game studios.
  • Immutable has joined Amazon’s Independent Software Vendors Accelerate Program, which offers benefits for global AWS seller collaborations.

Immutable, a frontrunner in the blockchain gaming sphere, has sealed a pivotal collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This alliance promises to transform the blockchain gaming infrastructure, setting the stage for enhanced innovation and robust growth in the sector.

AWS, celebrated for its dynamic cloud computing offerings, stands to amplify Immutable’s technical prowess. Moreover, AWS’s adaptable infrastructure will empower game studios to adeptly handle fluctuating user demands and in-game activities.

Consequently, Immutable’s integration into the vast AWS network presents a golden chance for engagement with potential game studio partners. This development came to light following an announcement on Tuesday.

Additionally, Immutable’s participation in Amazon’s Independent Software Vendors (ISV) Accelerate Program has been confirmed. This venture offers unparalleled benefits, paving the way for collaborations with AWS sellers globally. It’s worth noting that the ISV Accelerate Program holds significant prestige. Hence, for Immutable to secure a position, it had to align with stringent industry benchmarks and successfully clear a meticulous assessment.

To fortify this partnership, Immutable has committed to certain prerequisites. These include inking a non-disclosure agreement, undergoing a comprehensive business review, and ensuring a minimum of $350,000 in AWS revenue via the partner network annually. However, it’s pertinent to mention that, typically, there’s no explicit program fee. Yet, investing in AWS software solutions might be requisite for some organizations.

This alliance spells mutual gains for both AWS and Immutable. The objective? To expedite the widespread acceptance and evolution of the Web3 gaming space from both a technical and commercial perspective. Significantly, this collaboration will remain purely professional. Amazon won’t engage with Immutable X’s native token, IMX.

Furthermore, game developers collaborating with Immutable can now access AWS Activate. This program bestows developers with invaluable perks, ranging from technical guidance and referral opportunities to AWS credits that could surge up to $100,000.

John Kearney, the distinguished head of sales at AWS, emphasized the meteoric rise of Web3 gaming. He highlighted how this burgeoning sub-sector is rapidly gaining traction, captivating millions of gaming enthusiasts across the globe.

In a related context, Ava Labs also embarked on a partnership journey with AWS earlier this year. This union is envisioned to fast-track blockchain adoption across varied sectors, including enterprises, governments, and institutions.