WAGMI Games Welcomes Industry Veterans to Drive Mass Adoption of Web3 Gaming


  • WAGMI Games aims to revolutionize web3 entertainment and has hired top talent from established gaming studios to lead their efforts.
  • Notable hires include Esteban Gil, former leader of Garena Free Fire, and Brent Pease, former Director of Operations at Electronic Arts.
  • Esteban will focus on consumer-oriented products and explore the potential of web3 and NFT technology in gaming.

WAGMI Games, a prominent entertainment and gaming franchise, has announced key appointments that signal its ambitions to revolutionize web3 entertainment. In a bid to transform the gaming landscape, the mobile-first company has onboarded top talent from established gaming studios, bringing in executives with vast experience in the global gaming industry.

Notable among the new hires is Esteban Gil, the former leader behind Garena Free Fire, a top-grossing mobile game, and an esteemed figure who served as Lean Portfolio Management at Respawn and Apex Legends.

At WAGMI, Esteban will spearhead business strategy development with a focus on consumer-oriented products, leveraging his mobile gaming expertise to explore the potential of web3 and NFT technology in the gaming realm.

Joining him is Brent Pease, formerly Director of Operations at Electronic Arts and founder of Industrial Toys. Brent’s impressive 30-year background in game development and company building has earned him a respected position in the gaming industry. As the new COO/GM of WAGMI, he will oversee operations and implement key growth strategies, fueling the company’s vision to attract more players and drive mass adoption of web3 games.

WAGMI Games is dedicated to breaking down barriers to participation in web3 games, aiming to tap into the vast potential of the gaming industry, where currently only 3% of the 3 billion players engage in web3 gaming. With a highly skilled team of founders, executives, and producers, the company is focused on delivering a gaming experience that caters to the mainstream market.

The addition of Esteban Gil and Brent Pease to WAGMI’s roster is a testament to the company’s vision and a ringing endorsement of web3 Gaming. Together, they will play pivotal roles in expanding mobile gaming to new audiences. Brent’s extensive experience and network will drive WAGMI Games’ growth, while Esteban’s leadership in redesigning the game economy and overseeing live operations will chart the path to future expansions.

Ian Bentley, the CEO of WAGMI Games, expressed enthusiasm for the AAA talent joining their ranks, underscoring the franchise’s aspiration to be at the forefront of the gaming space’s evolution. With a talented team in place, WAGMI Games is poised to deliver mainstream Web3 games with viral appeal and long-lasting impact.