Dubai Police spreads awareness on online gaming & cybercrime via big names of online gaming and metaverse


  • Influential names like Herve Larren and Luca Lamberti will speak at the forum.
  • The forum will create awareness regarding online gaming, ways to identify risks and the role of parents in keeping away from violent behaviors and cybercrimes.
  • Al Ameen Service is interested in enhancing communication with the public through social media platforms and its hotline.

The Al Ameen Service from Dubai Police is bringing together powerful names in the metaverse and online gaming with psychology and cybercrime experts at a forum where they can discuss not just challenges but security risks related to online games. 

The service is known for offering secure and secretive communication mediums to residents, citizens and visitors to fix the society’s issues. Moreover, it spreads awareness regarding many online crimes. The service is organizing the Al Ameen Forum on September 19 at the Museum of the Future with an aim to safeguard children and teens from the dangers and risks of online gaming.

The forum’s theme is “Challenges and Security Risks of Online Gaming” and it will emphasize on the risks that are present on online gaming platforms besides highlighting the extent of cooperation required by the security authorities and game developers to identify the risks early and restrict them. 

The forum will also determine the security gaps and future development to curb cybercrimes that take place on online gaming platforms.

The panel will be joined by CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center, Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni; chief of Global Affairs at the Dubai Future Foundation, Dr. Noah Raford; director of the Cyber Crime Department at Dubai Police, Col. Saeed Al-Hajri and educational psychologist, Dr. Nadia Buhannad.

In her statement, Dr. Nadia Buhannad said:

It will bring together developers of the gaming platforms and experts in security and psychology. Through these experts, the forum aims to raise better awareness about the risks associated with online games and also pave the way for collaborations between different parties for early detection and elimination of such risks.