Rockstar has chosen to outlaw cryptocurrency, NFTs, and other things connected to GTA RP


  • Rockstar reaffirmed some requirements for participants of GTA Online in a rare announcement on the roleplay servers.
  • Rockstar claims that while it expects that these servers “thrive for many years to come,” it will restrict players that engage in “commercial exploitation” in-game, such as the purchase and sale of GTA and real-world money, loot boxes, cryptocurrency, and NFTs.
  • The information was made public following Lil Durk’s “Trenches Pass,” which featured treasure boxes, last October on his personal role-playing server.

Rockstar just updated its policies, which means Grand Theft Auto Roleplay (GTA RP) will never be the same again. While this indicates that RP servers are currently secure, it serves as a reminder that Rockstar and Take-Two can and will remove them if it is determined that they are in violation of the user agreement, which extends beyond commercial exploitation. 

The usage of other IPs, the modification of existing tales and missions, or “misuse of Rockstar Games trademarks” will now also result in the shutdown of these servers. Many roles serve as middlemen for criminals to entice players to work as waiters, mechanics, and store clerks, among other non-criminal occupations.

Rapper Lil Durk reportedly teamed up with Exceed Talent Capital last month to launch an “IPO” for his music, according to well-known insider Tez2. According to reports, the firm plans to issue a “Trenches All-Access Pass,” which will be an NFT with a Loot Box.

According to the source, Lil Durk’s NFT system may be to blame for Rockstar’s modification of its policy conditions. These things were mentioned:

Take-Two is moving, then.

Jake Lucky released a trailer on September 2, 2022, announcing Lil Durk’s unique GTA server. 

He stated:

Additionally, the server will include emerging musicians on its servers, radio stations, and other platforms.

It has not been established, though, whether the company moved specifically to make the aforementioned adjustments. It appears that the devs plan to completely do away with the idea of NFTs from GTA RP servers. Players should be aware that as long as they adhere to the aforementioned rules, custom servers should be OK.