Shabiaat Al Cartoon launches first Arabic Cartoon NFT Collection


  • Shaabiat Al Cartoon announces the very first televised Arabic cartoon NFT Collection.
  • Arab Royals’ became the first members of the Crypto Arabs Community.’
  • NFT collection will consist of 9,999 unique art pieces that have been derived from the ten main characters within the show.

Through its “Learn to Earn” initiative in the Metaverse, NFT project, Crypto Arabs, is revolutionizing how the world does business by providing education to its community members about cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0, and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).  

In a recent revelation, Marwan Alzarouni, the CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center, took his official Twitter handle to announce that he is proud to be part of the Shaabiat Al Cartoon’s initial television Arabic cartoon NFT collection. 

Also, this is a crucial and significant milestone for Web 3 adoption in the Arab World. 

Sheikh Humaid bin Khalid Al Qasimi from the Saudi Royal Family and Princess Nejla Bint Asem of Jordan became a handful of the community’s original members. A piece of art from the last collection, which will be distributed after mint, was given to the Royal Highnesses. 

Crypto Arabs is a collection of 9,999 pieces of original NFT artwork that was created in partnership with the popular Arabic cartoon Shaabiat Al Cartoon, which aired its 16th season this Ramadan 2022. 

It is led by Mohamed Al Banna, the CEO of Lead Ventures, Ralf Glabischnig, the Founder of Crypto Oasis, and Adi K Mishra, the Founder of Karma Innovations.

It’s the very first time in Arabic television history that the cartoon is being turned into an NFT collection and will showcase the ten most popular characters within the show. 

The cartoon production is one of the most well-known cartoon series in the Gulf region, and it addresses contemporary social and cultural themes, making it a relatable fit for the NFT community of today. 

By purchasing an NFT, individuals can join the Crypto Arabs community and gain access to a number of perks focused around their three primary pillars of education, entertainment, and charity, as well as a collectible work of art that is registered on the blockchain as a unique NFT.