DMCC Crypto Centre collaborates with Animoca Brands’ Global VC Firm Brinc to give members access to funding


  • DMCC Crypto Centre was made possible thanks to a partnership between the Government of Dubai Authority for Commodities Trade and Enterprise and the global venture capital firm Brinc.
  • The DMCC Crypto Centre has attracted over 450 crypto firms since its debut in 2021, making it the site of the biggest concentration of blockchain and Web3 businesses in the area.
  • A complete ecosystem for businesses that develop blockchain and Web3 technologies as well as related value-added services is the DMCC Crypto Centre.

The Government of Dubai Authority for Commodities Trade and Enterprise, DMCC, has teamed with the international venture capital firm Brinc to give DMCC Crypto Centre members access to Brinc’s $150 million accelerator fund. DMCC is the world’s premier free zone. A leader in Web3 and blockchain investment worldwide, Animoca Brands‘ portfolio company Brinc.

Members now have access to Brinc’s global network of innovative companies and business mentoring services from their new office at DMCC, in addition to the extensive offerings of the DMCC Crypto Centre. The collaboration will help the businesses at the DMCC Crypto Centre that create blockchain and Web3 technology flourish quickly and over the long term.

Since its opening in 2021, the DMCC Crypto Centre has drawn over 450 crypto firms, making it the region’s greatest concentration of blockchain and Web3 companies by offering an unmatched environment for crypto entrepreneurs, SMEs, and multinationals. 

Members of the DMCC Crypto Centre work in a variety of industries, utilizing blockchain and Web3 technologies in fields like sustainability, financial services, healthcare, entertainment, and gaming.

According to Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DMCC, they are pleased to be working with one of the top venture capital firms in the world in this industry to fulfill the rising demand from their members for access to finance and Brinc’s well-connected ecosystem. 

The simultaneous occurrence of so many global crises has made it more important than ever for significant corporations to have access to cutting-edge infrastructure in a welcoming workspace, which is exactly what DMCC aims to offer, he added.

The DMCC Crypto Centre is a whole ecosystem for firms that create blockchain and Web3 technologies, as well as related value-added services. It offers everything that crypto enterprises and entrepreneurs need to scale their operations. It offers access to finance through international investors, the top local and worldwide industry talent, and a full range of crypto licenses that improve the ease of doing business for its member companies.