Dubai entrepreneur launches 10,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom NFTs on the Metaverse


  • Eric Favre will be collaborating with the V-verse metaverse platform’s CEO to release customized Rolls Royce Phantom’s NFTs.
  • Around 10,000 NFTs are to be offered on the Rolls, with the original one going to the real-life buyer of the car.
  • Alexandre Danton of Danton Arts Kustoms thanked Eric Favre for realizing his dream of customizing a Rolls Royce and showing it to the world.
  • V-verse platform dedicates itself to supporting traditional artists with commendable projects.

Alexandre Danton of Danton Arts Kustoms recently revealed that he, in partnership with Eric Favre Art Editions’ Eric Favre, will be entering the world of NFTs with the customized art of Rolls Royce.

The digital artwork will be presented on the V-Verse platform headed by Christopher Quet, a platform dedicated to supporting traditional artists with great projects. 

Alexandre Danton has always been well-known for modifying cars at his chateau in France and specializes in building hot rods. His work involves a 1971 Porsche 911T where the original engine was swapped for a 6.75 liter Bentley V8 engine. However, the onset of COVID-19 halted these conventional avenues, and that’s why the entry of Eric Favre is significant.

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Eric Favre Art Editions by Eric Favre is a digital gallery of art that stores installations from artists and provide them with a platform to showcase and auction their work in the metaverse.

Most recently, he partnered with Christopher Quet, the Co-Founder and CEO of V-Verse, a metaverse platform, and a partner at 

Alexandre Dalton released a statement addressing the recent announcement that said:

It has always been my dream to customize a Rolls-Royce. Thanks to Eric, I was able to realize that dream, and also now I am able to show it to an unprecedented number of people around the world.

Discussing the car created by Dalton, it is a heavily customized Rolls Royce Phantom, and it was first displayed in Dubai at the Gulf News Web 3.0 Decode event last weekend.

Eric Favre also shared his thoughts on the same and stated:

It has always been Alexandre’s dream to modify a Rolls-Royce, and mine was to enter the world of NFTs, so this helped both of us achieve our dreams. You can’t have a better product than a Rolls-Royce Phantom to make your debut into NFTs.