Star chef Vikas Khanna launches first-ever digital twin NFT on Phygital


  • Vikas Khanna’s first collaboration with a Web 3.0 enterprise.
  • He may create more AR and VR assets of his works and creations in the future.
  • will create NFTs of the book.

Michelin Star awardee chef Vikas Khanna has partnered with, an NFT metaverse marketplace, for the release of his first phygital limited-edition book ‘Sacred Foods of India.’ He unveiled the book at his restaurant Kinara in Dubai.

The term ‘phygital’ means that the book can be purchased in physical and NFT formats. Sanjeh Raja purchased the first unit from ICCA at a whopping price of $50,000, nearly Rs. 40 lakh.

The news was announced by AkshayaNFT on Twitter:

Vikas Khanna also tweeted the cookbook’s milestone on Twitter:

The book features recipes of prasad and foods served at various holy places around India. From June 25, it can be ordered from the Akshaya website. The NFT of the book will be minted instantly with its digital twin, which will be linked to the physical book and is unique to the owner of the physical copy. Moreover, users can purchase a crypto wallet or any form of fiat currency.

This purchase will authenticate the individuality of this limited-edition work, and ownership of the asset is impossible to duplicate in any form.

Talking about his first-ever collaboration, Vikas said:

“In these fast-changing times when the world of the internet is metamorphosing into the future rapidly, it is important we take the big leap forward. ‘Sacred Foods of India’ is very dear to my heart, and I wish this will be a prized possession for those interested in buying or investing in works of passion.”

Ganesh Raju, CEO at, said that the world will now experience a new evolution in the digital space. Partnership with Vikash Khanna is exciting and will allow the creation of NFTs of his best accomplishments to date.Web 3.0 will change the way enthusiasts of unique collectibles engage with him. The NFTs will surely acquire great eminence, owing to the chef’s popularity.