Jim Carrey Begins NFT Ride with Purchase of First NFT


  • Jim Carrey acquires an NFT for the first time; receives huge acceptance.
  • The actor is an artist too with expressive and emotive artwork.
  • His NFT known as ‘Devotion’ was sold for 20 ETH.

Jim Carrey, popular American actor has announced owning his first NFT, which is a photo of the Interior of a former sanatorium building in the Georgian town of Tskaltub. Taking it to his Twitter account, he posted:

It is a digital work put up for sale on SuperRare entitled “Devotion.“ The work belongs to the Swedish artists, Ryan Koopmans and Alice Wexell from their collection, The Wild Within. A series of digital works, it strives to instil new life into the vacant Soviet-era buildings. Furthermore, the works are based on real spaces that are present in the physical world.   

SuperRare too expressed its excitement through a Twitter post:

Upon created by Ryan Koopmans six months ago, the NFT was bought by user MoonPay (a crypto payment service) for 20 ETH. The token was then sent by MoonPay to Jim Carrey, making him the owner of the NFT.

Ryan Koopmans welcomed Carrey into the NFT space through a tweet:

As per the actor, the stunning work captures the beautiful and relentless reinvention of nature.

Conveying a whole new idea about the dull and sad scenery, the artists superimpose on the bare and weak walls of the spa building, image of lush and pleasing nature.

Carrey is among the most popular actors in the world and his announcement of NFT got more than 10,000 likes and 1,300 retweets, which in itself speaks volumes for his craze and acceptance.

His recent NFT purchase isn’t surprising. In April, he hinted about ending his acting career and shifting focus on his artistic talents and forthcoming NFT drop.