Pop Star JJ & Singaporean scions build ‘Web2.5’ NFT community


  • Instead of replacing Web2 and Web3, ARC aims to bridge the two.
  • The aim is to foster adoption from people who are not crypto natives.
  • While Lim has previously worked with a soccer based digital community, Cheo is a self-taught Web3 expert with experience in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

JJ Lin, Singaporean pop star is partnering with two next-generation tycoons to cofound ARC, a digital community based on app to validate member profiles with NFTs

Lin is collaborating with Singapore’s billionaire Peter Lim’s son, Kiat Lim and Cheo family’s scion, Elroy Cheo to establish ARC at the intersection of Web2 and Web3, like a discrete network of talent as well as a popular NFT brand in Asia.

During a video interview, Lin shared how he has always been excited about exploring the latest technologies and using them in their craft. ARC has limitless possibilities and they can build new worlds with it. 

In a statement, Lin added:

What’s best about ARC is the growth mindset of learning and shaping ideas together.

Through ARC, he intends to become the first Asian celebrity closely engaged with a Web3 project. 

ARC aims to bridge Web2 and Web3. Members can have personal experiences at physical locations known as Playgrounds. Also, they can access their membership with unique digital assets or utility NFTs via the ARC app. 

Lim feels proud about Web 2.5 and hopes it is adopted by those who are not into crypto and find it a bit untrustworthy due to the negative news doing the rounds these days. 

ARC hopes to curb the concerns regarding the legitimacy of Web3 projects through curating a group of reputed partners and leaders and connecting membership tokens to particular member profiles. 

An application has to be filled by the users.  Another prerequisite includes owning Pyxis, ARC’s token and ARC’s NFT. This will be followed by moving to the ARC app, which will need NFTs for validation.

According to Cheo, members can discuss ideas using the app’s exclusive methods of building community. 

ARC uses its own tech stacks. Social audio rooms and a “hybrid Twitter-Reddit” are included to allow members to post content. 

As of now, the co-founders have refused sharing the number of applications received.