Animoca Brands extended the time frame for filing data


  • Animoca Brand gives a one-year extension to file their statements.
  • ASX issued a warning to Animoca, listing several infractions.
  • In total, the company has completed over 380 investment opportunities.

Animoca Brands was granted a one-year extension to file its certified financial statement for 2020 due to Australian authorities by the end of 2022. The formerly listed business secured a delayed reporting deadline, stretching it to the end of the first quarter, with future years’ reports due later in 2023, according to the firm.

Animoca was compelled to hunt for a fresh auditor before its most current filing to finish its 2019 books, inviting DFK Global for the task.

Yat Siu stated that the company’s economic reporting methodology necessitated breaking vast swaths of new territory, addressing issues like how to pay for crypto and NFTs.

From 2015 through 2020, Animoca was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. In December 2019, ASX sent Animoca a notice outlining several violations, including governance issues, engagement in crypto-related activity, and extensive usage of SAFEs given by subsidiaries.

Animoca stated that the business plans to conduct a first public offering on a different market. Since removing it, it has completed a series of high-profile solicitations and increased its digital investments, including the Sandbox, Dapper Labs, and Star Atlas. During the first half of this year, the business made more than 60 investments, and as of December 6, it had completed more than 380 investment opportunities.

The price of the firm’s token assets will have declined this year due to the larger slump. Animoca announced technology platform holdings of approximately $4.2 billion in Animoca coins, including Sand, Quidd, Primate, Revv, Tower, GMEE, and others, in a shareholder update for April 30. According to CoinGecko statistics, a simple review of the values of those tokens indicates an average decrease of more than 80% over the last year.