AtomicHub launches Web3 platform to link NFT & Web3 advertisers to audiences


  • Blockchain gaming and NFT marketplace AtomicHub announced the launch of to connect Web3, NFT, and crypto advertisers to relevant audiences.
  • AtomicAds will be providing a hassle-free self-service ad platform that offers targeted and effective reach for businesses who wish to promote NFT & Web3 products.
  • With AtomicAds, publishers will be allowed to list ad inventory like blockchain and banner space by website capable of being booked by advertisers.

In an announcement made recently, it was revealed that AtomicHub, the leading blockchain gaming, and digital collectibles marketplace launched a new platform named The new platform is built particularly to establish a connection between NFT, crypto advertisers & publishers, and Web3 to relevant audiences on the radar. 

As revealed, the AtomicAds platform will be providing a simple, self-service ad platform that offers targeted and effective reach for businesses who intend to promote Web3 products along with crypto services and NFT collections. In addition to this, the platform will allow publishers to list ad inventory, such as banner space by blockchain, website, and date and time. 

The advertisers will be able to book through a vigorous self-service system. Moreover, it should be laid emphasis that the platform is capable of providing rich insights that are driven by data in real-time in order to allow advertisers to optimize campaign and ad management. 

The Chief Revenue Officer of AtomicHub, Jeffrey Haas, released a statement regarding the same that addressed the fact that AtomicAds is raised out of their own experience being a major publisher in the Web3 space. Also, Haas mentioned that the development of AtomicAds was facilitated to carry out the improvement of their potential to offer programmatic advertising on their sites efficiently. 

John Nichols, the Editor-in-Chief of NFT Insider, also shared his thoughts regarding the same and said that they are aware of how difficult it is for crypto, Web3, or NFT services to release advertisements via social media channels or Google Ads. AtomicAds will come as a solution as it will offer publishers and advertisers an effective and trustworthy method of reaching a Web3-friendly audience. 

Following the announcement, it was revealed that AtomicAds would stick to the best practices in the industry and would ensure the highest level of privacy, integrity, credibility, and quality.