Blockchain funding for a project Accepted by Slamdance Film Festival


  • Web3 technologies continue entering different major businesses to breathe new life into aging systems.
  • The two programs were what sparked particular festivals’ interest in blockchain-based businesses.
  • Jim Carrey and Anthony Hopkins are two movie actors who have published their own NFT products.

The Slamdance Film Festival’s 2022 and 2023 cycles will each include a blockchain project. The independent film festival Slamdance is held in Utah. Blockchain Fairy Tales, a collective storytelling project, will launch in 2022, while the “Fuzzy Head” will launch this year.

After her mother dies, the protagonist of Wendy McColm’s strange psychological thriller “Fuzzy Head” starts to have trouble sleeping. Using to raise money for the movie proves that some producers are creative in their fundraising strategies.

Through interactions on Twitter and Zoom, it looks into issues like environmental justice. The project also uses the Tezos blockchain, named the greenest in 2021.

The two initiatives are what spurred specific festivals’ interest in blockchain-based industries. Even the prestigious Sundance Film Festival is supporting blockchain projects like Liquid Media Group and the Filmio blockchain platform. Many cinema stars who have crossed over, like Jim Carrey and Anthony Hopkins, have published independent NFT products.

For its blockbuster film “Mean Girls,” Paramount Pictures secured Web3 trademarks. The applications show the movie company’s desire to introduce an NFT “Mean Girls” line and expand the intellectual property of “Mean Girls” into the quickly developing technology market.

In May, Jim Carrey stated he had released a covert NFT album. The “Germinations” series examines how society views celebrity, value, and art. Carrey sold the collection on the Foundation marketplace as String Bean.

The Eternal Collection” is an NFT compilation by Anthony Hopkins. There were paintings by Hopkins based on his roles in different movies. The actor collaborated with NFT firm Orange Comet to launch the line.

They may find good news for the Web3 business in the Slamdance Film Festival’s desire for blockchain-based initiatives. Additionally, it demonstrates the beginning of Web3’s innovation expansion into other economic sectors. Rarity Sniper will keep an ear to the ground for any new developments in the tale.