PIP.me 2.0 solution serves as a personalized eWeb3 page for every service user


  • PIP.me 2.0 has been launched recently with the aim to allow users to create whatever they want to manage payments, organize social media accounts, or embed NFTs.
  • PIP eliminates the need to remember wallet addresses and provides the easiest Web3 website for each and every user without any fee.
  • The PIP.me 2.0 will help in the expansion of the native functionality of this concept.

In a recent upgradation from PIP.me to PIP.me 2.0, it has been revealed that the upgrade will bring customization on eWeb3 pages to users. As per the revelations, the launch of PIP.me 2.0 will allow anyone to create whatever they wish in order to manage payments, embed NFTs, and organize social media accounts. 

The PIP.me solution serves as a customized eWeb3 page for every service user with the upgrade. What adds more to the update is the fact that PIP has altered the way people accept crypto payments as they carry out the elimination of the need to remember wallet addresses. 

The project extends support to industry-leading blockchains such as BNB Chain and is capable of providing the most hassle-free website for every user without any charges. With the upgrade, the page owners will be able to alter each and every component of the page without knowing any web knowledge. 

The CEO of PIP, Jeff Baek, released an explanation that mentioned PIP.me establishes a connection of an online identity with crypto payments so that anyone can interact financially with people around the world, enabling a global micropayment economy. 

In accordance with the revelation, PIP.me 2.0 will be expanding its scope to Simple payment links for both mobile and desktop. Moreover, it will have customization options to obtain payments, along with the option to display social media accounts and personal links. 

What’s more? The user will be able to import links from external websites. It should be noted that PIP positions itself as a proponent of the decentralized creator economy. The native PIP Button allows anyone to integrate blockchain and crypto payments without coding.