Anthony Hopkins’ NFTs ‘The Eternal Collection’ sold out within minutes on OpenSea


  • The Eternal Collection has become the fastest selling NFT collection on OpenSea.
  • For the launch, Hopkins partnered with Orange Comet, a Los Angeles-based NFT and Web3-focused designing company.
  • Hopkins first began painting in the late 1940s and organized his first exhibition at Harte International Galleries in Hawaii in 2015.

The Eternal Collection, Anthony Hopkins’ much talked about NFT art collection, has done wonders by being sold within minutes only. The collection was listed on OpenSea

The collection represents 1,000 real art pieces based on Hopkins’ entire career as an actor in Hollywood. According to the marketing of the project, the NFT pieces have names such as The Lover, The Eternal and The Jester. Each of them displayed a representation of the huge character archetypes portrayed by the actor. 

Other than having a piece of the digital art, buyers will also get certain real-world perks, which includes a one-on-one brunch with the actor, audio clips of Hopkins discussing the meanings behind the archetypes and autographed physical prints of the artwork.

After conducting the first exhibition in Hawaii in 2015, Hopkins conducted exhibitions in Las Vegas, New York, Edinburgh and London to display semi-abstract landscapes and portraits inspired by Lucian Freud, an English painter and Francis Picabia, a French cubist. 

Last year, in the thriller movie Zero Contact, Hopkins had a starring role and the movie was released through Vuele, an  NFT platform.

Furthermore, this isn’t the last time for Hopkins to focus on the NFT space. In a recent Twitter post, he shared that stepping into NFTs is similar to being on the moon.