Bitski Wallet Announces Bid And Offer Notifications for OpenSea


  • Bitski has announced wallet notifications for bids and offers.
  • The new feature will start in November 2022.
  • Bitski aims to improve transparency in web3.0.

Bitski wallet is now distributing bids and offers alerts for NFTs to a small group of users. They will add new wallets as they continue to roll out this functionality over the upcoming month. Through this move, Bitski is anticipating greater transparency, accessibility, and a better user experience for Web3. Bitski also plans to make many new features and functions available to the Bitski community.

Bitski shared the news on Twitter tagging OpenSea announcing events and activity tracking to wallet users. OpenSea is enthusiastic about this update and shared their excitement over a tweet.

Via this new feature, users won’t be notified or receive an alert unless their bid is within 80% of the NFT’s current floor price, saving them time without having to search through lesser recommendations. If it’s difficult to log in, the general public won’t ever use blockchain-powered decentralized apps. They must either use a cumbersome wallet-equipped browser like MetaMask or maintain sophisticated security keys manually.

Users want blockchain apps’ login processes as simple as Facebook’s Login. That is what Bitski created. A TechCrunch exclusive regarding the launch of the developer beta of the company’s single sign-on bitcoin wallet technology marked the startup’s exit from stealth today. Ten projects are waiting to pay a fee to incorporate Bitski’s SDK, including seven game creators.

When they require a user’s identity or to complete a transaction, their app launches a Bitski authorization page, where users may allow permission to access their ID, transfer money, or receive products. Once a user signs up with Bitski, there is no need to enter lengthy private keys or deal with additional hassles. It is now easy enough for beginners to use blockchain applications.