Jaime Schmidt expands Web3’s reach to a diverse audience via NFT project BFF


  • Jaime Schmidt’s @myBFF to help bring more women and non-binary people in web3.
  • Jaime’s extraordinary career and focus led her to build helpful projects.
  • Jaime’s superpower led to the work she is doing now in web3.

Jaime is an extraordinary entrepreneur and community builder who has developed Schmidt’s Naturals, a CPG business that started in Poland right from her kitchen and turned into a company acquired by Unilever, shared OpenSea on Twitter.

Having launched several interesting projects in the market, Jaime has since become a web3 pioneer and web3 luminary, and now she is more focused on inspiring the next generation of web3 creators, budding entrepreneurs, and founders.

10 long years ago, when the market wasn’t that receptive to unconventional businesses and ideas, Jaime needed to focus and solve major issues related to key user groups while building her natural products business, but this superpower without any doubt led to the work she is doing now in web3.

In early 2021, she finally made her entry in web3 after spending hours hosting Clubhouse conversations with new and bussing entrepreneurs and businesses. This actually led her to create @CPGClub, a huge mentor network which further helped bridge the gap between web2 and web3 builders and creators.

Jaime later partnered with @brit and launched her @myBFF project to focus more on boosting the count or number of women and non-binary people involved in web3. 

She believes only in projects that help embrace nomenclature that reflects who they really are; their true identity and nature. Her project is going to inspire a whole new generation of women entrepreneurs.