Unstoppable Domains and BitDegree to offer $50 million in NFT domains “Learn&Earn” campaign


  • Members need to register and finish any web3 course before October 12 on the BitDegree platform.
  • Through UD login, students can login with their domain to make their NFT Domains into a web3 based student ID.
  • Upon completion of the courses, a badge will also be given to show students’ achievement in their respective UD profile.

BitDegree has collaborated with Unstoppable Domains to offer its web3 student ID through an Unstoppable NFT domain to millions of members. 

Those who complete web classes on BitDegree will receive $50 for their very first NFT domain available for sale on Unstoppabledomains.com. Besides supporting them to safeguard their web3 name as well as identity on-chain, it will enable them to carry both their degrees and educational achievements through web3 applications and metaverse.

CEO and Co-Founder of BitDegree, Danielius Stasiulis, said that if the crypto community extends its knowledge, the adoption of web3 will increase. It is for this reason, a major campaign is being launched to get everyone’s attention. Also, this could be the biggest “Learn&Earn” campaign in crypto’s history. The focus is on making the students learn the web3 digital identity since it is the best time to adopt it. 

BitDegree and Unstoppable Domains aim to reward everyone who invests in their web3 education. Furthermore, $50 million will be utilized for web3 education, as planned by Unstoppable and BitDegree for the special course, “NFT Domains: The Future of Web3 Identity.” Students will be educated about the problems based on digital identities, which will fix the lack of learning opportunities around the same.