84% of people would purchase an NFT backed by a physical item:  Dibbs’ report


  • To gauge consumer sentiment regarding NFTs both now and in the future, Dibbs, the world’s gateway to Web3, surveyed hundreds of NFT adopters for its first NFT Opinion Report.
  • The survey found that 84% of respondents would purchase NFTs if they could be exchanged for physical products.
  • 60% of respondents to the poll stated they would purchase an NFT from a business they adore.

The inaugural NFT Opinion Report, published today by Dibbs, the world’s gateway to Web3, polled hundreds of NFT adopters to assess customer sentiment about NFTs both now and in the future. 

Dibbs is ideally situated to tap the highly engaged users of its marketplace in a largely pseudonymous industry where NFT holders can be difficult to reach to understand broader sentiments surrounding the developing NFT industry and what the future of ownership looks like in conjunction with the development of Web3 and the Metaverse.

According to the survey, 84% of participants would buy NFTs if they could be redeemed for tangible goods. The data shows a clear desire for a platform that securely enables a digital presence for real-life collectibles, demonstrating a growing excitement for digital innovations like Web3 and the Metaverse. Dibbs addresses this untapped market with an end-to-end tokenization platform that mints and redeems collectible-backed NFTs.

Dibbs’ NFT Sentiment Report shows reluctance toward NFTs while also supporting the need to bridge the divide between the real and digital worlds, with half of the respondents saying they don’t trust NFTs and cryptocurrency owing to concerns including spam and fraud. To safeguard customers, over half of respondents concur that NFTs and cryptocurrencies should be governed similarly to financial services.

Dibbs is the physical world’s onramp to Web3, assisting brands and IP holders create a digital presence for their real-life collectibles and paving a new way for deeper connection within their communities. Dibbs offers a secure platform for the minting and redemption of collectible-backed digital tokens. Dibbs was founded in 2021 and has already secured over $15 million in venture finance from several illustrious backers, including Amazon, Tusk Venture Partners, Foundry Group, CourtsideVC, and Founder Collective

According to the survey results, 60% of respondents said they would buy an NFT from a company they adore. Companies today can develop physically-backed digital assets that boost revenue potential and improve consumer engagement by establishing exclusive online communities.