COO says NFTs and gaming will drive Web3 growth and development


  • Eric Anziani of says that the future of the surging Web3 sector, which is growing even faster than the internet in its initial stages, is NFT and gaming.
  • Working hard in a game will prove that you own an asset and will be able to use all the assets in the game.
  • announces a partnership with Busan in order to assist the city in building its first city-backed crypto exchange.

In a recent statement shared in a speech at the Blockchain Week in Busan (BWB2022) event on Thursday by the COO of, Eric Anziani, it came to surface that NFTs and gaming are going to spearhead the Web3 sector

The Chief Operating Officer of laid an emphasis on the fact that the users are able to own an asset if they work hard in a game, and the fruit of labor is their own. In addition to this, Web3 allows the users to use that asset in all the games, contributing to its interoperability.

NFT provides you with the ownership of digital assets that you can clearly see in games, but you will have control over your identity and the data you want to be shared. 

The leading cryptocurrency exchange,, made an announcement regarding its partnership with the second largest city in South Korea, Busan, in order to assist the city build its first crypto exchange backed by the city. Along with this, will help in developing the local blockchain ecosystem to boost the status of Busan as a digital hub of Asia.

We can clearly witness that is leading the way in terms of partnerships in Kore as they have forged numerous partnerships in Korea and launched them.

In addition to this, Eric revealed that has partnered with several entertainment companies that are based in South Korea, such as signing an NFT joint venture collaboration with Fantagio, a K-pop agency.