Metaverse Godmother Cathy Hackl says Web3 is the future of social interaction


  • Cathy Hackl, the Godmother of the Metaverse advocates for Web3 being the next level of social interaction.
  • She stated that the future would look more like PokemonGo and less like Ready Player One.
  • Metaverse is not just VR, it is bigger than that and our physical world is a part of the metaverse.

In a recent interview, the so-called Godmother of the Metaverse, Cathy Hackl, shared her thoughts on the metaverse and Web3 and how they are going to impact the future of social interaction. As per her statements, Web3 and specifically Web3 gaming has managed to remain on trend and heated even though we are in a bear market. 

It comes following the tweet from Alexis Ohanian, the Co-Founder of Reddit, where he asked his followers for their favorite people to follow in the NFT world. This was done to make sure he is not missing out on anyone in the NFT and metaverse space.

One of his followers mentioned Cathy Hackl and asked not to forget the Godmother of the Metaverse. 

When asked about how metaverse can be described to someone who doesn’t get it thoroughly, she advocated not to rely on the hype. For starters, Metaverse can be understood as the successor to the internet we use today. 

She laid emphasis on the physical world being part of the Metaverse provided that it gets completely embedded. Adding further to her statements she focused on the constant growth and sustenance that she has seen when it comes down to gaming. 

In addition to this, marching to the conclusion of the interview, she mentioned that this is the perfect time when people should test their projects and start experimenting. It is crucial that people understand what’s happening in the Web3 and metaverse space and should consider becoming a part of it.